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It all starts with

the Sensor

From your heart rate and breathing rate to your body temperature and body movement, the patented Prevayl Sensor tracks it all to help you make the smartest fitness decisions.

At 1,000 data points per second, the Sensor processes more data than any other wearable on the market and distills them to give you the most accurate insights into your fitness and performance.

It fits into each garment in our SmartWear™ collection, allowing you to start building your own connected wardrobe.

Designed to disappear into the garment, this is the wearable that won’t weigh you down.

Clinical-Grade ECG.  Explore your limits with confidence with accurate ECG data you can trust.      Powerful Processing.  Connecting you to your body like never before with more than 1,000 data points processed every second.      Responsive Algorithm.  The world's most advanced algorithm responds  intuitively to guide your training. Long Life.  Hassle-free operation with up to 10-day battery life from a single charge.      Multiple-Sensing Capabilities.  Powerful and capable sensors build a complete fitness profile from multiple sources.      Lightweight.  Big data, small packaging. Designed to be lightweight and compact for that invisible look.

Reads your body

in real time

SmartWear™ is crafted in a second-skin fit with a smart underband and a discreet pocket to hold the Prevayl Sensor close to your chest for optimal biometric reading. The underband is an integrated element that live within every SmartWear™ garment. They're an integral part of the Prevayl ecosystem which powers the centralised data hub - the Sensor.

Integrated Electrodes  Strategically placed close to your chest to capture and deliver the most accurate biometric reading in real time. Maximum Stretch & Recovery  Four-way stretch fabric is enhanced with reinforced seams, allowing you to perform at your maximum potential. Moisture-Wicking Qualities  Quickly remove sweat from your body to keep you cool and comfortable even during the most intense workout.

Get a full picture of

your health and fitness

The Prevayl App delivers your fitness data through a minimalistic user interface, empowering you to adapt your workout for maximum results every time.

It’s free to use. No subscription, ever.

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Make Every Workout Count

The most in-depth and immersive live workout data brought to life through sleek visualisation in our app, empowering you to react and adapt in real time and maximise every workout every time.

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Know Your Body

Our BodyCheck™ feature gives you a detailed full body analysis, advising you on how well your body has recovered and how to approach your training each day.

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Stay Accountable

Kick off your Prevayl journey with personalised goals set by you, for you. Keep yourself accountable and track your progress as you strive towards crushing your goals.

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Track Your Performance

We refine and record 1,000 training data points every second to give you a comprehensive view of your progress over time in the clearest, most concise way.

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Celebrate Your Achievements

We love to empower you and celebrate your wins! Share your progress after each workout using the share feature, enabled on most of your favourite social platforms.

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Breathe Your Way to Better Health

Incorporate our on-demand breathing sessions into your daily training to balance high-intensity workouts with moments of stillness, and achieve an holistic sense of wellbeing.

Join Prevayl ambassador Josh Denzel as he unpacks his very own Smart Training Pack:

Frequently Asked Questions

Sitting at the heart of Prevayl, SmartWear™ is the world’s smartest fitness tracker fused into premium sportswear. It reads your body during workout to give you real-time performance data, empowering you to adapt your training for bigger, better results. 

SmartWear™ is a three-part approach to a smarter workout. Every ① SmartWear™ garment is augmented with a smart underband and a hidden pocket – slip in the revolutionary ② Prevayl Sensor and watch your performance data come to life in the ③ Prevayl App. 

Performance Wear is our range of premium sportswear consisting of men's and women's styles, designed to complement SmartWear™ and complete the Prevayl look. 

Most fitness tracker users are using multiple devices and apps, which doesn’t make for the most effective approach. Having your data stored in endless combinations of trackers, apps and watches can often leave potential insight and performance progression untapped, too. 

Prevayl is connected clothing that you can effortlessly integrate into your workout wardrobe and fitness routine. By melding cutting-edge technology with premium sportswear, we’ve created a centralised solution which consolidates all the data captured by the Prevayl Sensor and delivers it through a slick and simplistic UI, painting a complete picture of your fitness and performance.

Prevayl negates the need for having multiple devices and apps, freeing up your wrist and storage on your smartphone. It’s the only fitness tracker and app you will ever need to take your fitness to the next level. 

Prevayl captures your performance data by measuring the electrical activity of your heart (ECG) directly in your chest cavity. This is considerably more accurate even during intense activity than any smartwatch, which uses a flashing green light to measure your heart rate from your wrist. 

Not to mention that at 1,000 data points per second, Prevayl processes four times more data than any other wearables out there, quadrupling the amount of insights into how your body performs during a workout. 

Put simply, no other wearables – let alone smartwatches – give you more performance data than Prevayl. 

Prevayl is a three-part approach to a smarter workout. Everyone new to Prevayl starts with a Training Pack, which gives you ① a revolutionary Prevayl Sensor, ② a piece of SmartWear™ garment of your choice and ③ a lifetime Prevayl App membership – everything you need to kickstart your Prevayl journey. 

The Sensor is a one-time purchase which fits into every item in our SmartWear™ collection, and a Training Pack is the first step to building your own connected workout wardrobe. 

We offer a 100-day money back guarantee for all SmartWear™ purchases and a 365-day money back guarantee for the Prevayl Sensor.

SmartWear™ is currently compatible with outdoor and indoor cycle, mountain biking, outdoor and indoor run, interval training, lifting, HIIT, walking, hiking, yoga and Pilates, and rowing. 

We’re always working on adding more workouts to the list so keep an eye out for future updates. 

Your Prevayl Sensor is only compatible with our SmartWear™ collection. Each SmartWear™ item is engineered with a smart underband and a hidden pocket to house the Sensor, enabling you to stay connected and informed throughout your workout.

Prevayl can track your electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), core temperature, energy expenditure (kcal), training zones, inertial measurement unit (IMU), distance, orientation of the body, and thoracic bioimpedance (BioZ). 

This list will expand as we continue to improve the App and offer more fitness insights. 

Click here for more FAQs.