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Get Started With Prevayl

Congratulations! Welcome to the Prevayl Community. We’re looking forward to joining you on your fitness journey giving you that guidance and knowledge to train, rest and progress like never before. We know you’ll be eager to get started, so before you do, below is a step-by-step guide to get your SmartWear™ set up so you can go and smash that first session. Before you begin, make sure your Sensor is charged and ready to go – 5 minutes of charge gives you one hour of battery life.


Get started in just 3 minutes

1. Download the app

Download the Prevayl App from the Apple app and the Google Play store via the links below.

Note: The app is only available for mobile phone devices.

2. Log in or create an account

You can log in using the same email and password you used to purchase your Prevayl product or create a new account if you used guest checkout. 

Continue through the onboarding section, being sure to answer all questions as accurately as possible, as we use this data to tailor your experience. 

3. Charge your Sensor

When you first get your Sensor, it will need to be charged using the provided cable. The light on the sensor will show red when it’s charging. 

Ten minutes is enough charge for an hour of usage. Ninety minutes will give you seven days of battery life (based on 1.5 hours of usage per day). 

Note: In order to extend battery life, your Sensor will go into sleep mode when not in use. If it's charged, it will wake up when you insert it into your garment.

4. Pair with your Sensor

  1. Ensure your Bluetooth is switched on and you have given the Prevayl app permission to use Bluetooth.
  2. On the “Welcome to Prevayl” screen, tap the “Tap to connect a Sensor” button.
  3. When prompted, tap the Sensor with your mobile device (you may need to move your device around to find its internal reader). This uses near-field communication (NFC), the same technology you use for things like mobile payments.
  4. A pin will be displayed at the top of your screen.
  5. Enter the pin and tap the pair button. Do not close the app until you have connected.
  6. You are now connected via Bluetooth with your Sensor, and you’ll see the Sensor name and battery level.

5. Get your kit on

Ensure that your garment is positioned correctly on the body with the smart underband sitting underneath your chest.

6. Insert your Sensor into the garment

Insert your Sensor into the pocket, ensuring the metal pads are facing towards your body.

Note: Make sure to remove the paper slip before inserting your sensor. Water may remain within the Sensor pocket after a workout or washing, ensure that the Sensor pocket is dry before a workout.

7. Let’s get started

Before your workout you will be shown real-time data based on:

  • The data coming from your garment
  • The Sensor’s battery percentage
  • The signal to your Sensor
  • If you have allowed location settings

The app will guide you through any necessary adjustments before beginning each workout; for the best experience, ensure these are maintained consistently.

Sensor Maintenance 

Your Sensor has a battery capacity for seven days (based on 1.5 hours a day). It will take 90 minutes for a full charge, and a 10-minute charge will give you an hour of battery. When you’re not working out, your Sensor sleeps to save battery life.

The LED on the front of the Sensor will flash red when it requires charging, you can also view the battery percentage within the Prevayl app.

Remember to always remove your Sensor from the garment after use and especially before machine washing.


People who have a pacemaker, defibrillator, or other implanted electronic device use the Prevayl Sensor at their own risk. Before starting the initial use of the product, we recommend an exercise test under a doctor’s supervision. This will ensure the safety and reliability of the pacemaker and Prevayl enabled garment when being used simultaneously. Exercise may include some risk, especially for those who have been sedentary. We strongly advise you to consult your doctor prior to beginning a regular exercise programme.

Whilst Prevayl’s technology is validated as being accurate, it is not a medical product and Prevayl will not accept responsibility for any erroneous data readings.

Always consult your doctor before beginning an exercise programme. Overexertion may cause serious injury.