At Prevayl, we understand that protecting our IP and developing a strong, robust IP strategy to mitigate risk is absolutely paramount. That’s why we operate on a proactive IP approach, which has allowed us to grow from a young start-up to an industry leader with a significantly sized IP portfolio in just four short years.

Our team of Patent Attorneys and IP Lawyers are constantly identifying, analysing and responding to risk factors related to IP throughout the life of an IP right to make sure we stay ahead of the curve. Always.

Across our ecosystem we currently own over 250 patents and pending patent applications, positioning us as an industry leader.

GARMENTS: 97 Granted/Pending Patents

HARDWARE: 115 Granted/Pending Patents

SOFTWARE: 72 Granted/Pending Patents

Prevayl sensor

UK Patent Nos. 2585753, 2585728, 2585729.
International Patent Application Publication Nos. 2021028664, 2021148781.
UK Patent Application Publication No. 2586232
EU Registered Design Nos. 008339162-0001, 008339162-0002.
UK Registered Design Nos. 90083391620001, 90083391620002, 6095488, 6095490, 6095491, 6095492.

Prevayl Garments

International Patent Application Publication Nos. 2021009488, 2021009489, 2021009492.
UK Patent Application Publication No. 2587847.