May 5, 2022

Every Reason You Should Choose Prevayl Over Other Wearables

In the market for a new wearable?

While many of us share similar fitness goals, our bodies and needs are highly individualised. That means you need a wearable that can give you personalised data, which is exactly what Prevayl is designed to deliver.

If you’re still unsure why you should choose Prevayl over a smartwatch or a fitness tracking band, don’t worry. Here are five ways Prevayl stands out against other wearables to help you make smarter buying decisions.

1. Maximum Wearability

A good workout starts with what you wear.

Despite what it’s called, not every wearable on the market is inherently ‘wearable’; not everyone wears a smartwatch when they hit the gym, but everyone wears a gym t-shirt, a tank or a sports bra. That’s why Prevayl is clothing-first, a completely discreet wearable device that you can wear in and out of the gym.

Every garment in our SmartWear™ collection is integrated with a smart underband and a hidden pocket for the Sensor to capture biometric data from your body whilst giving you the freedom and flexibility to perform at your best. It’s the only truly essential item for your gym bag that streamlines all the fitness-tracking features and functionalities you need to kick your workout up a gear.

2. We Sample More Data

When it comes to optimising your workout, data is king. And no other wearable gives you more performance data than Prevayl.

The Prevayl Sensor samples 512 ECG data points, 312 accelerometry and gyroscope data points and 64 BioZ data points every second – more than any other wearable out there – to maximise the amount of insights into how your body performs during each workout.

3. Recovery Data in Three Minutes

Recovery is critical for athletes at any level. To monitor your recovery, most fitness trackers have to be worn throughout the night to calculate your body's recovery rate during your sleep, then report your recovery the next morning.

But we have a quicker alternative: BodyCheck™. It’s a patent-pending, bespoke algorithm in the Prevayl App which assesses your recovery status and determines your readiness to perform in just three minutes, negating the need to sleep in a wearable.

BodyCheck™ analyses your biophysical data to determine your readiness to perform each day, giving you one simple actionable advice: train, rest or progress. We don’t ‘track’ your recovery the way that most wearables do. You don’t need to wear it to sleep. All you need to do is put on your SmartWear™ in the morning, follow the simple instructions in the App and let BodyCheck™ work its magic – all in three minutes.

4. The Prevayl App

Fitness apps can help make healthy living a lot easier and simpler. The only downside is that there are thousands of them to choose from, making it difficult to decide which one is your best fit. Not to mention that having multiple fitness apps can be time-inefficient, potentially confusing and often leave crucial performance insights untapped.

What if there’s one app that gives you everything you need to level up your workout?

The Prevayl App is engineered to consolidate all the data captured by the Prevayl Sensor and deliver it through a slick and simplistic UI, painting a complete picture of your fitness and performance. We give you all the performance data and actionable insights in one place, making it easier than ever to take charge of your fitness.

5. No Subscription Needed

Finally, many fitness trackers and apps make you subscribe to access premium features and benefit from the product. That’s not Prevayl. Our app is completely free to use – no subscription required. One purchase is all it takes to unlock your true potential.

That means no ongoing fees, no surprise charges and no price increases.

In short, this is why you should choose Prevayl…

We put the wearable in, well, wearable. Unlike a noticeable fitness band or ring, Prevayl is connected clothing powered by the latest technology that allows you to train unobtrusively. It delivers real-time insights from your SmartWear™ to the Prevayl App on your smartphone, whilst negating the need of additional gadgets which work in silos and often give you incomplete data.

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May 5, 2022 - Written by Prevayl

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