February 3, 2022

MJ Lynch: Director of Electronics

Before joining Prevayl, I headed up research and development at another wearables company that focused on connected clothing and connected workers in industrial settings such as oil and gas, leading the hardware and software teams to deliver multiple products across the globe.

During this time I was named as sole inventor on a number of commercially relevant patents covering wearable technologies that have been monetised through licensing in the connected soldier space. As well as previously designing and fabricating several LED based wearables for various events and world tours including Taylor Swift’s 1989 world tour. One of the many highlights of my career was being invited to be a Key Speaker at Electronica – “Breakthrough connectivity innovations for wearables, smart garments and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)”.

One of the main qualities that attracted me to join Prevayl was the passionate vision that Adam had set out in not only capturing but truly owning the connected clothing space. 

Although my background is principally in plasma physics, I’ve always felt that smart clothing is my home. As mentioned, in the past I have had success in being named inventor on several patents, so a company like Prevayl with such an emphasis on intellectual property and innovation coupled with the fact that Prevayl has its own IP department really sealed the deal for me.

That sense of innovation goes across all areas of the product, including the on-Sensor algorithms that we at Prevayl have developed. These have room to grow and expand in the future using contextual data of the user to help the insights to be even more accurate. Making these insights unique to the user and processing in real time, coupled with the fact we are sampling faster than anyone else and at a higher resolution than anyone else is something that no one else can match.

As Director of Electronics at Prevayl, my main role is overseeing the research and development of new products, as well as coordinating the production of current products. That being said, the team that I work with are incredibly good at 'owning their space' leaving me with little overseeing to do. This gives me the opportunity and time to do what I really enjoy, being innovative and coming up with the next generation of concepts and ideas, working closely with our IP department as well as getting my hands dirty when building and testing products. 

Particularly as a new company that produces technology, it has been vital that we keep our technical know-how within the business. Our main focus over the past number of months, aside from the product of course, was assembling a seasoned world class team consisting of a wide range of skill sets. This has helped us to innovate from the ground up to produce a truly next level product.  

Having worked in many companies (large and small) the team at Prevayl are the most respectful and knowledgeable team I have worked with. Everyone is a leader in their field but understands that unity is vital to achieve what we have set out to deliver. The group here are well and truly fuelled by passion, and that passion translates into pride and ownership of their work. All of the team are well versed in the full product lifecycle and a number of them have extensive experience in smart clothing and digital signal processing. This knowledge base has allowed us to effectively construct our new Development Lab at Prevayl HQ. This Lab and dedicated testing area are bespoke to our product and accessible to the whole company. This means we are able to validate and iterate our algorithms quickly and work closely with the other departments on product testing and innovation. This gives us a lot of freedom for creativity and allows us to stay ahead of the competition.

February 3, 2022 - Written by Prevayl

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