February 17, 2022

What Is SmartWear™: The Future of Sportswear

SmartWear™ is the world’s most accurate smart clothing.

Engineered to guide your training and help take your performance to the next level, SmartWear™ is clothing that you actually want to wear every time you hit the track or the treadmill.

What Is Smart Clothing 

Smart clothing, also frequently referred to as high-tech clothing, is clothing that’s enhanced with technology to offer functionality beyond their traditional use. 

Some smart clothing uses advanced textiles with interwoven technological circuits whilst others implement external hardware, which is connected to a smartphone app to offer its smart functionality – and then there's SmartWear™, which combines all of the above to deliver the most accurate performance insights in the market. 

What Is SmartWear™

There’s no denying that wearables are getting more advanced, but even with today’s technology, they may not be offering you the most accurate insights. Enter SmartWear™. It combines the power of the Prevayl Sensor and a smart underband in each garment to help you become a supercharged version of yourself by wearing it and integrating the insights it offers into your training. 

Unlike most wearables and fitness trackers, which are typically strapped to your wrists, SmartWear™ strategically places the Prevayl Sensor close to your chest. This enables us to track your heart rate as well as measure data previously left unmonitored, like your breathing rate and breathing variability, via the chest cavity. That means we’re able to capture optimal biometric reading, which leads to more reliable and more personalised training recommendations to take your workout to the next level. 

How We Created SmartWear™

SmartWear™ sets itself apart from the competition by solving the problem in a different way: we gave our techies and engineers the task of developing SmartWear™, with the idea of invisibly integrating the Prevayl technology into gym garments that have been designed for everyday wear. 

Meanwhile, we tasked our health experts, sports scientists and data scientists with taking complex body data, applying it to the latest research and translating it into simple instructions for the wearer that will leave them feeling empowered and have the maximum impact on improving their health, fitness and wellbeing. 

Who Is SmartWear™ For

The advanced algorithms we’ve created give the average gym goer real-time medical, fitness and lifestyle insights which, just a few years ago, were only accessible to patients in a lab environment and elite athletes. SmartWear™ is also designed to meet the fashion needs of everyone who wants to train more effectively and look good doing it, so it’s super simple to integrate it into the rest of your workout wardrobe. 

Ready to upgrade your sportswear?

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February 17, 2022 - Written by Prevayl

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